Parish Link – S:t Olof’s, Norrköping, Sweden

All Saints’ Church has close links with the Parish of S:t Olof’s in Norrköping, Sweden. The Parish has three churches, S:t Olai’s, S: Matteus and S:t Hedvig’s. This parish is part of the Church of Sweden and is in the diocese of Linköping which is also linked to our diocese of St Albans.

In September 2014, the vicar, Pether, and one of the deacons, Kristina, visited All Saints’. They spent some time with ASCEND and explored our parish and the surrounding area and then joined us at our Breakfast Service on Sunday morning.

In October 2o15, a group of us from All Saints visited Norrköping to visit the churches and get to know the member of the congregation. We had a fantastic time and now consider them to be great friends and look forward to many chances to meet in the future.

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In September 2016, we again welcomed a group from Norrköping to All Saint’s to further build our close friendship.

We look forward to many more meetings and co-operation between our two parishes.