Holy Week and Easter 2023

Passiontide, Palm Sunday, Holy Week and the Triduum Sacrum

Passion Sunday 26th March

12 Noon Lent Lunch

Homemade soup, with bread, cheese and fruit – to raise funds for our Lent Charity – Ripple Effect. Please sign up in church.

Palm Sunday 2nd April

Palm Crosses
Palm Crosses

10.30am Sung Communion

With the blessing and distribution of Palms and Palm Sunday Procession around the church

Holy Monday 3rd April

7.30pm The Stations of the Cross

This Service provides space for reflection on Christ’s final journey.

Maundy Thursday 6th April

7.30pm Liturgy of Maundy Thursday and ‘Watch of the Passion’

We recall the meal Jesus shared with his disciples before his arrest, and his act of humility when washing the feet of his disciples. We also keep Watch – until 10.30pm.

Good Friday 7th April

10.30am Ecumenical Walk of Witness

Christians from across the area will give witness to this solemn day. Beginning at the Baptist Church, along the way we shall hear together the events of the day, praying and singing too. The Walk ends in prayer at the Methodist Church, before refreshments are shared.

3pm The Passion of Jesus, Trafalgar Square

We’ll travel down to London to see this live re-enactment of the Passion, by the Wintershall Players.

7.30pm Reflective Holy Communion

With quiet music, and time to reflect, we share communion – from the bread and wine consecrated on Maundy Thursday evening – reminding us of both Christ’s body broken and blood shed for all.

Holy Saturday/Easter Eve 8th April

10am Creating the Easter Garden

We’ll create the Garden at the front of the church and afterwards there’ll be Hot Cross Buns!


Easter Day Sunday 17th April

The most important day of the Christian Year.
We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the gift of Eternal Life.

8am Easter Day Ecumenical Celebration

Gathered around a freshly lit bonfire, we’ll hear the Resurrection Story,
sing songs to celebrate the day and then enjoy hot cross buns together.
This will be at All Saints’ with Christians from all the local churches.

10.30am Easter Day Holy Communion

The Great Feast of Easter is marked with the lighting of the new Easter Fire
and the Paschal Candle, the Easter Garden is blessed and the new Easter Candle
is welcomed into Church. During the Service all are invited to renew their
Baptismal Vows and after the Service we’ll have an Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter Monday 18th April

Easter Pilgrimage to St Albans

9am – Meet at Carpenders Park Station
1pm – Picnic in the Abbey grounds
2.30pm – Parade into the Abbey
3pm – Service in the Abbey

Leave from Carpenders Park to walk to St Albans, with the potential to meet other walkers along the way. Others can catch a lift later in the day in order to gather for the celebrations and Service at the Abbey in the afternoon.
Please use the sign-up sheets at the back of church to indicate