Coronavirus Update – 17th March 2020

I have attached a letter that I received today from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York advising us that all services are to be put on hold until further notice. I am sure that this will not come as a great surprise and I am also sure that it is the right thing to do. It is, however, very sad and we will notify you if there any changes in the advice. We we will also let you know if we think it is both possible and desirable to find a way of sharing worship on line. Not meeting together does not mean not praying together – we can pray for and with each other from a distance. I think we need to be creative to keep our shared spiritual lives alive!

It is also very important that we maintain contact with each other by whatever means is most suitable, phone, skype, Facebook, emails…and make sure that the most vulnerable are okay physically, mentally and spiritually. Liz and I will visit people in their homes as long they and we are well. Let me or Liz know if you know of anyone that needs a visit or help – don’t forget we have the food store if anyone is desperate.

I think it may be necessary for some of us to meet together for a short AGM so that we can, at least, elect our PCC and Church Wardens. I will be in contact about this soon.

I have just found this prayer written by Revd. Dr. Ellen Clark-King from Grace Cathedral in San Francisco – reminding us that every person on earth is sharing the same experiences and feelings at this difficult time. Perhaps we can think that we will all say this prayer at some time today.

Holy God,
who created us for and from love,
in this time of social distancing
hold us close in your arms.
Comfort those who are afraid,
enliven those who are bored,
give courage to those who are distressed,
and warm those who feel the cold touch of loneliness.
Breathe in, with and through us
as we walk through uncertainty into a new future
knowing that you are with us now and await us there.
In the name of Christ the Beloved we pray.

We are in this together and and God is in it with us!

Keep well


Archbishops Letter dated 17th March 2020