Children and Communion

In September, we began our investigations on whether to admit children to communion before confirmation and held a Breakfast Service on the topic of baptism in December. For the next two Sundays we will be holding services devoted to looking in depth at the subject of Holy Communion and children.

Sunday 10th January at 10am

Guest speakers from St. Matthew’s Church, Oxhey.

St. Matthew’s admitted children to communion several years ago and adults and children from the congregation will tell us of their experiences of the process and what it has meant to them. They will also answer any questions you may have on the subject. Please think carefully about any questions you may like to ask them.

Sunday 17th January at 9:30am

Breakfast service: Looking together at Holy Communion

There will be plenty of opportunity for everyone to discuss the subject of children and communion and to put forward their views. Hopefully there will be a PCC member on each table who will record those views which can be reported back at the next PCC meeting.

In February the PCC will be discussing and voting on whether we go ahead with admitting our children to Holy Communion. This is a very important decision for all of us. Please make both these services a priority. Whatever your thoughts and feelings you need to be heard!