Meetings and Events in July 2015

Children’s Choir Performance

Wednesday 6th July at 6:30pm

Our South Oxhey Children’s Choir will be performing at All Saints.  Come along and help the children feel they have a good audience to perform to after all their hard work.

Visit to Sweden – Meeting to find our more

Wendesday 22nd July at 7:30pm

We are hoping to take a group to our link parish of Norrköping in Sweden – probably in November this year.  We would be put up by local church members and therefore the cost would be primarily the airfare – which at the moment is about £40 return from Stansted airport.

If you think you would be interested in joining the group, come along to this meeting to find out more.

How can the God of Love Allow Suffering….Discuss

Thursday 30th July at 7:30pm

Recently, a young man shot and killed 9 people as they sat in a Bible study class in a church – resulting in immeasurable pain and suffering…why, how, did the God of love let this happen?

In April an earthquake in Nepal killed and injured thousands of people and destroyed their homes and lives – people who were already living in poverty…why, how, did the God of love let this happen?

God and suffering is one of the most difficult issues we have to face in our faith but it is not one that we can ignore.

If you would like to explore this subject and perhaps offer your thoughts then please come along and join us for a stimulating, and probably challenging, discussion about God and Suffering.