Saints, Pilgrims and Peggy

At our service yesterday we watched the annual new year message from Alan Smith, the Bishop of St Albans. His message centred around the centenary of the formation of the current Diocese of St Albans in 1914. As part of this celebration, there will be a festival day of fun and praise on the 25 August in Keysoe, Bedfordshire. For more information, you can visit the Diocese website

Also accompanying this special year, we have been given a book “Saints and Pilgrims in the Diocese of St Albans”. This book has 366 pages for each day of the year with each one reflecting on the life of an inspirational person from our diocese. One of the people represented is our very own Peggy Leech who most of you will remember preaching at All Saints’ for many, many years.

We hope to put this inspiring book on display in the church so that all our congregation and visitors can follow this centenary year through the interesting stories of these fascinating individuals.